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Reporting Tool Editions

From small-scale to full power – there is a List & Label edition for everyone.

Reporting Tool Editions

From small-scale to full power – there is a List & Label edition for everyone.

List & Label Editions

Our reporting tool is available as a straightforward Standard Edition, or as one of two subscription editions – Professional and Enterprise. The subscription editions include support services, free upgrades to new versions, and much more besides. Enterprise customers also benefit from our bug fixing policy: In case of program errors, we guarantee a bugfix within 14 days from reproducibility.

List & Label EditionsStandardProfessional SubscriptionEnterprise Subscription
Designer for developers and end users, for most desktop applications
Print, preview and export in all supported formats
Wide range of programming languages supported; code examples available
Programmer’s Manual and Designer User Manual as PDF files
Designer documentation as DOC/PDF file, Designer help text as source file
Service packs, access to knowledge base, forums and RSS feeds for 1 year
Full unicode support for international character sets
License can be used non-concurrently on the developer’s PC and notebook
Number of report parameters
Support at www.combit.net/en/support-center/, or by telephone1)
Support for multiple languages in Designer: add-on language kits available
Suitable for most server/web server applications, and as a service
One-year subscription including feature updates; automatic renewal
Service packs throughout subscription
64-bit version and 32/64 bit Mail Proxy
2D barcodes
DOM (document object model): customize/create projects without Designer
Customizable SAP Crystal Reports converter
Suitable for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and cloud computing
combit Report Server as browser-based out-of-the-box reporting solution
Shapefiles for geovisualization and more
Formula assistant can be integrated into applications, independently of LL
Priority support with bug fixing policy6)
Long term support for versions with even version numbers until release of next LTS version, typically 2 years
15% discount on training courses and customization services
Exclusive advance information on major new versions
.NET source code as reference
Participation in beta testing for major new versions
First year
€ 650
€ 1200
€ 1800
Subsequent year
€ 600
€ 900
Upgrade to major new version7)
€ 390
All prices are subject to VAT.
1 Monday to Friday 9am – 12am and 2pm – 5pm (CET). When calling outside of these hours, you can schedule a time for us to call you back.
2 Support services will be charged at a rate of €3/min (plus VAT if applicable).
3 From € 119 per language kit.
4 15% discount on add-on language kits.
5 Server/web server licenses from € 99 for 5 users, and up to € 14,999 for 1000+ users, per server.
6 We promise to fix all serious bugs within 14 days from the time we reproduce the error.
7 A discounted upgrade to the Standard Edition may only be performed from the previous two versions.

General Reporting Tool License Information

List & Label licenses are non-transferable, for use by one developer, and for installation on one computer or alternately for use on one notebook. If you want to encapsulate List & Label functions, such as those consisting of your own DLLs/components, you will need several licenses. Encapsulation is not possible under our standard License Agreement. However, we can easily amend the License Agreement to accommodate your project.

Each person in a project group, working on either the project or the product, requires his/her own license. We offer attractive discounts for development teams. The Enterprise Edition includes a server/web server license for an unlimited amount of servers and end users.


Subscription editions include all service packs, flat-rate support, and feature updates and upgrades to new versions free of charge. A subscription is valid for one year, and is automatically extended by another year unless it is cancelled at least three months before the end of the contractual year.


For Professional and Enterprise customers, our support service is included for the duration of the subscription. Customers with a Standard edition benefit from the knowledge base and forums, and can leverage the services of our support team, charged on a pay-per-use basis.

Feature Comparison of Different Reporting Tools

The comparison table shows more than 150 features and allows you to compare which of the popular reporting tools provide the features you are looking for. In addition to List & Label, it includes developer components such as Crystal Reports, DevExpress, Telerik, ActiveReports and others.
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