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List & Label 29 Achieves “Outstanding” Rating in Evaluation

Feb 20, 2024 | 2024

In a test report on, List & Label 29 was awarded the top grade “outstanding”. The reporting component can be seamlessly integrated into the source code of applications, enabling developers to implement comprehensive reporting functions with just a few lines of code.

Version 29 brings numerous innovations and improvements, including support for .NET 8, a new cloud storage provider for WebDAV, an improved data provider for SQLite, and enhanced features in the Web Report Designer and Desktop Designer. The software’s clear and intuitive user interface, supported by tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and sample applications, was particularly highlighted.

“List & Label 29 from combit is an enormously versatile tool that is still clearly designed and easy to use.”

The conclusion:

“The new version 29 of List & Label from combit maintains the quality of the previous versions and offers the user important functional innovations. The package was again fully convincing in the test.”

Read the full review (in German).

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