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The Report Server works very reliably. It allows me to cover everything from different data sources in areas like Excel exports, label printing or analysis reports.
The API interface provides me with all accesses I need.

Ugur Kil, Hammerwerk Fridingen GmbH

I’m really excited about List & Label, especially the performance. I can output my 220-page report with many embedded images and PDF documents within 40 seconds.

Johannes Kolks, eurogard GmbH

Whenever it comes to printouts in any form, List & Label has been our first choice for many years now. We know it as a reliable, simple and very versatile tool. And, with combit, we have an unprecedentedly fast and competent contact in all questions. Thank you very much for that!

Sebastian Czymaj, GL Maritime Software GmbH

For the creation of forms, lists and reports List & Label offers exactly the functionality we want for such a tool. Whether clearly structured, content-oriented documents or complex reports, List & Label can be used to realize the diverse requirements of our customers optimally and with little effort.

Marc Deller, proALPHA Business Solutions GmbH

List & Label has been employed by the Swiss National Science Foundation for around 4 years to generate PDF documents in large numbers asynchronously as well as synchronously. It runs very stably and reliably. Simply superb!

Mario Andenmatten, Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland

We have been working intensively with your product in our database course for two years now – the educational version of List & Label you kindly provided. We are very satisfied with the software. Students studying IT-related subjects generally dealt with List & Label well; they progressed rapidly right from the start, and were therefore motivated to engage with the topic in greater depth.

Lars Otten, Education Center for Technology and Design (BZTG), Germany

List & Label was easy to integrate into our software product, and is the key component for label printing. Creating and printing labels for end products is essential. We integrated these features into the latest release of our software without difficulty using List & Label. List & Label now performs all core functionality for label printing.

Our customers are delighted that we have provided a proven, sophisticated and dynamic reporting tool, which can be operated simply and intuitively.

Christian Hamp, Tieto, Germany

List & Label is the best thing since sliced bread. I started using LL in version 8 and I just simply love it.

Michael Cooper, Grasp Software Corporation, Canada

List & Label is extraordinarily complete. I find that whatever I need to do, there’s almost always a way to do it.

Erik Muench, CAMI Research Inc., USA

In List & Label, we found a faster way to release applications with label printing features. Now we can focus on getting the data while List & Label does the rest. Wonderful!

Gabriel Tico Nava, Continental, Mexico

We have been using List & Label since version 5, because it’s the best reporting tool for programmers, and end users love it.

Feliz Grangeiro, T.I. Tecnologia Informática S.A., Portugal

Very flexible, easy to integrate in my application.

Stefan Schaedlich, Volkswagen Saxony, Germany

Before List & Label, I used to employ Crystal Reports. This tool had several weaknesses in that the print engine had problems with page breaks, and if I remember correctly, there was no possibility of distributing the designer royalty-free. In addition, the form design was very cumbersome in comparison with List & Label.

I decided on List & Label because, in my opinion, it is the only tool with which the user can easily design reports. Equally crucial was the simple programming of the module. List & Label simply had no serious competitor.

Steffen Thomas, Steffen Thomas-Software, Germany

List & Label is the best tool that I know of for this area of application – simply brilliant! It does everything that you want and this rapidly, simply and efficiently. The service and customer hotline are outstanding. The user manual is also very clearly arranged.

In conclusion, whoever buys and uses List & Label has an all-round hassle-free package. Top score for software, top score for service and for the customer hotline. Full score for software, full score for service and customer hotline. List & Label is the best tool that I know of for this area of application – simply brilliant! It does everything that you want, rapidly, simply and efficiently. The service and the customer hotline are outstanding. The user manual is also very clearly arranged.

Andreas Friedrich, EDEKA Nuesken, Germany

We tested List & Label with our own software product (C#/WPF/Entity Framework 4.0). I am really delighted about how simple it was. I would never have thought that WDF and Entity Framework were so well supported. It was almost completely intuitive. The product truly met the expectations promised in advertising.

Wolfgang Schneider, Hamburger Waagenbau, Germany

One of our test PDF files with more than 20,000 pages was generated within 20 minutes using List & Label 18 Beta. In comparison to Version 17, the export took 2 hours less, which is time savings of 87%!

Mathias Gruenewald, proALPHA, Germany

List & Label is the perfect tool to generate high quality documents. Our software provides the data and end users can design the layout. Throughout the years we saw that List & Label continuously delivers stable new releases with outstanding help for the developer.

Peter Van Vlierberghe, Cerm Benelux, Belgium

I’ve been testing List & Label 18 since yesterday. Awesome! The preview is now so fast I can hardly click quickly enough. If all the development components that I use made me as happy as List & Label, I would be grinning in front of my keyboard all day long!

Thomas Liehr, HyCARE, Germany

I could easily migrate from version 10 to 16: I had to change some code to accommodate the new version, but it is reasonable since the last version is 5 versions newer. 

I’ve found List & Label 16 a reliable and flexible tool, easy to implement, it generate labels and reports very quickly; the ability to work independent of the database system, and the wide selection programming languages or environments supported are really excellent features.

Sergio Perris, Creative IT solutions, Argentina

We upgraded to version 22 last year (from 12). It’s working great.
We run a lot of different reports with List & Label and we are able to do everything we need to.
For us, the basics of what L&L provides are awesome. Our users can preview any report on the screen, easily print any part of it and export it in a number of formats.
It’s slick and easy for me to produce additional reports. I couldn’t be happier with List & Label.

Lane Coddington, Volunteer Software

Many years now, we’re working with List & Label. We have updated and developed our applications to other technologies but we continue using List & Label as reporting tool.

Julio Rodriguez, Corporativo Grupo Educaria, Spain

We have been using List & Label for 15 years. Flexibility and stability are the main reasons we keep using this product in our labeling and datasheet applications, which use VFP. Recently, we also used List & Label for our latest web application based on .NET. Functionality has been continously added and improved over the years, making this developer tool one of the best of its kind.

Cas Nuy, Stahl Holdings bv, Netherlands

List & Label is the best tool I know – it’s just fantastic! It does everything you want and the service and user manual are great too!

Andreas Friedrich, EDEKA Nuesken, Germany

The combit developers really are out of this world! Nothing is impossible.

Marko Fuhrmann, The Quality Group Business Engineers GmbH, Germany

With List & Label we achieved an easy way to enrich our print reports with preview, export, PDF and modified the report’s layout of our solutions. We integrated the reporting tool into an application for company management and bookkeeping and use it to print every kind of document like invoices, orders and so on.

Andrea Vannini, ABSOLUTE s.n.c., Italy

I’m a List & Label user since 2003 and I’m very pleased with the product.
List & Label: A perfect partnership for software development.

Paulo César Lopes de Almeida, PCL Informatica, Portugal

List & Label allows more complex and flexible reporting than any other reporting tool.

Alex Singer, WebDatabases, Germany

Switching over to List & Label has been the best development-related decision of the past 10 years.

Christian Egging, EffCom AG, Germany

It is the most user friendly third party reporting tool with which I have worked so far.

Raveendranath Babu, IntegraTech, India

Our customers/users can easily customize their reports. With this we can stand out from our competition.

José Carvalho, Sage Portugal - Software, S.A., Portugal

The Designer is great!

Chad Oswald, S4, USA

Ranked above any other in my market.

Bob Taylor, Taysys Software, USA

List & Label is the best report generator available. […] Much more developer-friendly than Crystal.

Jim Hurson, Hurson Associates, USA

I would recommend List & Label because of the independence of the application and for its freedom in modifying the projects.

Antonio Jiménez, SoftwareDeGestiónAJ, Spain

I like the customization and ease of use about List & Label – its a great product!

Mark Stepp, Mark-It Systems, USA

List & Label is fast and easy to implement.

Sergio Perris, Creative IT solutions, Argentina

Many thanks for your patience and dedication! We wouldn’t have dreamed of such excellent service from our previous vendor, which once made an excellent report writer. They had a pure lack of customer service and support. This shows me once again that I am in very good hands with combit and the List & Label report generator – a highly effective development tool.

Steffen Fricke, Broadcast Concept, Germany