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Awards & Accolades

TOP 100 ComponentSource Publisher Award

TOP 100 Publisher Award, ComponentSource


combit was awarded the TOP 100 Bestselling Publisher Award. With its List & Label product range, combit is one of the best-selling software components in the ComponentSource Software Superstore in 2021.

PC Magazin Logo 03/2022

PC Magazin 03/2022


List & Label receives 100 points and the rating “outstanding“.

“List & Label is the undisputed winner in data connectivity, preparation, output and distribution.”

“Version 27 shows itself to be up to date and can be used with Windows 11 as well as the Visual Studio 2022 and Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 development systems.


“Even with an unmatched feature set, combit still manages to implement new functionalities, enhancements and improvements in List & Label 27.”

German Stevie Award Gold Winner

web & mobile DEVELOPER 02/2022


“Data magic deluxe […].  With the List & Label 27 developer tool, any data can be evaluated and displayed clearly and attractively.”


“List & Label is equally advantageous for desktop and web applications, whether you’re developing COM, .NET (Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and web applications), Java or even Delphi applications.”

“[…] an excellent developer tool that lets you add extreme functional value to your applications with minimal effort.“

TOP 100 Publisher Award ComponentSource

TOP 100 Publisher Award, ComponentSource


combit was awarded the TOP 100 Bestselling Publisher Award. This makes List & Label one of the most sought-after software components globally in the ComponentSource Software Superstore.

German Stevie Award Gold Winner

Gold at the German Stevie Awards 2021


List & Label wins Gold in the category Business Technology Solution – Data Visualization Technology.

“Brilliant concept to program more professionally and reduce costs.”

“Powerful solution that specifically addresses flexibility in software development.”

“ […] In a few steps, a programmer can create a report using the connected dataset. I like that this can be done through a very friendly user interface.”

Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award 2021

Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice Award 01/2021


List & Label achieves bronze in the category Reporting, Analysis and Visualization at the Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards.

List & Label was recognized by the readers as one of the best reporting tools for Visual Studio.

PC Magazin Award

PC Magazin 01/2021


List & Label is rated VERY GOOD with 100/100 points.

“List & Label offers impressive improvements in the new version.”

“Both the Report Designer and the Report Server are state-of-the-art and leave nothing to be desired.”

“Conclusion: Talking about data presentation, List & Label 26 reaches an unchallenged peak.”

Price-Performance ratio: very good
Overall result: 100 of 100 points / very good


PC Magazin 01/2020


The most powerful reporting component for Windows and Windows server systems and all major development environments […]

Many functions take the program package to a new level […]

Conclusion: combit lives up to its reputation of always keeping the reporting component up to date and adapting it to new requirements.

Price-Performance ratio: very good
Overall result: 99 of 100 Points / very good


PC Magazin 01/2019


VERY GOOD with 98/100 points.

[…] is one of the leaders in reporting.

Successful development history […] countless new functions that ensure the leap to the zenith.

Conclusion: List & Label is an ingenious developer tool for Windows that can be used in all common programming languages and development systems with little source code effort.

Price–performance ratio: very good
Overall result: 98 points / very good


dotnetpro 02/2018

[…] continuously brings innovative functional enhancements.

Version 23 has […] a lot of innovations.

[…] top dog among the report generators.

One for all.

List & Label is […] still unbeaten.

[…] the right step into the future.



PC Magazin 02/2018


List & Label was once again rated VERY GOOD in a review by renowned German PC Magazin.

Conclusion: The Enterprise Edition leaves nothing to be desired when designing and distributing reports. The Report Server and the corresponding designer are responsible for this.

Price–performance ratio: very good
Overall result: 98 points / very good


PC Magazin 02/2017

List & Label was rated VERY GOOD in a review by renowned German PC Magazin.

The Designer is unbeatable.
Result: List & Label is the ideal tool for developers.

Jeff Duntemann

Jeff Duntemann’s ContraPositive Diary

[…] a marvelous report generator product has crossed my desk.

It has God’s own kitchen sink of features […]

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Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice Award 12/2016


To rise to the top of a tough, competitive category, combit did the nearly impossible. It thoroughly deserves this win for its popular List & Label.
Michael Domingo, Editor in Chief

Gold for List & Label in category “Reporting, Analysis and Visualization”.
The readers have chosen List & Label as best reporting tool.

Press release


PC Magazin 05/2016

Optimal data presentation
99/100 points
test result ‘very good’
price/performance ‘very good’

Conclusion: The quasi-standard for reporting output, currently unrivaled.


dotnetpro 02/2016

The new version 21 shines with an overhauled Designer and many improvements to detail.

List & Label is one of the best and most long-lived developer components from Germany. It is characterized by an outstanding programming interface which is documented with numerous examples and a very good programming reference.

The components have been successful on the market since 1992, are stable, mature, versatile, and suitable for use on all popular Windows and programming systems.

List & Label top 100 publisher at Component Source

Top 100 Publisher Award, ComponentSource

List & Label belongs to the bestsellling top 100 publishers under hundreds of publishers that are listed in the ComponentSource Software Superstore.

Big Data Vendor Benchmark 2016, Experton Group

A highly attractive product and service offering and a very strong market and competitive position.

They can be regarded as opinion leaders, providing strategic impulses to the market.

combit achieved a leader position, due to the multiple data formats that can be processed.

The company’s strengths within this category include the capability to visualize data from multiple sources and to distribute information to a larger group of involved users, as opposed to traditional BI/BA solutions.


PC Magazin 03/2015

99/100 Points, test result “Very Good”
[…] unrivaled report designer.

LL20 is fully developed, flexible and up-to-date. […] leaves nothing to be desired.


web & mobile DEVELOPER 03/2015

List & Label 20 provides developers with a universal, high-performance component that is unrivaled in all respects.

LL20 […] offers a variety of new features and improvements that are the result of intensive discussions with developers who use the reporting components in real-life applications.

The component really shines when used to process large quantities of data.

LL20 is a fully developed and unrivaled reporting tool that leaves nothing to be desired and should be a part of every Windows developer’s toolbox. […] Interfacing with LL20 [..] is a breeze thanks to a well-thought-out, clear, and well-documented programming interface.

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