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Design Reports Directly in Your Browser

The completely browser-based Web Report Designer for ASP.NET MVC offers you more flexibility in development. You and your end users design report templates for web applications from anywhere at any time in the browser of your choice. The Web Report Designer is included in the List & Label Enterprise Edition.

No Installation Required

No Installation Required

Make the Web Report Designer immediately available to your users via the browser. You don’t have to install any software in order to create and edit reports with the Web Report Designer.

Web Components Technology

Web Components Technology

The Web Report Designer is based on web components technology, which means it can be flexibly integrated into all popular JavaScript frameworks. such as React, Angular and Vue.

Platform-independent Reporting in the Browser

Platform-Independent in the Browser

The Web Report Designer’s user interface is optimized for all common desktop and tablet browsers – so users design their reports platform-independent in Windows, iOS, Android or Linux.

Discover the Web Report Designer

Have a look at the structure of the interface in the Designer and which functions are included in version 1.0.

What the Web Report Designer has in Store for You

The Web Report Designer provides you with the same databinding options that you’re already familiar with, using List & Label in .NET. And you don’t have to start from scratch because your existing List & Label projects are compatible with the new Web Report Designer.


The Web Report Designer includes numerous object types to edit and create, for example tables in the report container. Beside that, you can edit report parameters and layer definitions, as well as sum and user variables and much more. The convenience of the formula wizard is still available as well.

Design Features
Preview Features


The integrated real data preview via the Web Report Viewer provides you with a variety of interactive functions such as drilldown, report parameters, expandable regions and data sorting. And you can switch back and forth conveniently between design and preview whenever you like.

Drag & Drop and Properties

The scope of functions provided by the Web Report Designer will be continuously expanded and optimized in the upcoming versions. Version 1.0 already provides you with lots of possibilities. For example, interactive drag & drop functions make report design especially intuitive. In addition to this, the individual objects can be customized, using the already familiar properties.

Drag & Drop and Properties

Benjamin Wassermann, Tech Lead Web Report Designer, explains the Web Report Designer from the developer’s perspective in our Reporting Blog and offers further technical insights.

How to Integrate the Web Report Designer in ASP.NET

Integration in the backend is very simple – just add a new controller to your application, deriving it from WebReportDesignerController and implement a few overrides. The most important one is to provide a List & Label instance:

public override void OnProvideListLabel(ProvideListLabelContext provideListLabelContext)
   provideListLabelContext.NewInstance = DefaultSettings.GetListLabelInstance(provideListLabelContext.RepositoryId, null);

In the frontend, you are completely free in terms of technology choice. In our Knowledgebase you find a code sample on how to use the Web Report Designer in React, Angular or Vue.js.

To integrate the Web Report Designer into your ASP.NET MVC application, you just need to create the following code as a new view:

<!DOCTYPE html>

@using combit.Reporting.Web
    Layout = null;

@Html.WebReportDesigner("Web Report Designer")

If you use another technology like React, Angular or View.js in the frontend – just include the JavaScript file for the Web Report Designer and use the designer tag at the desired position in the HTML source code. Of course, this also works with Razor pages. The result may look like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script src='combit-webreportdesigner-27.0.min.js'></script>
    <ll-webreportdesigner backendurl="https://localhost:44382/WebReportDesigner" />

Also, have a look at this complete example for an integration.


Can existing List & Label projects from the desktop version also be edited in the Web Report Designer?

Yes, existing List & Label projects from the desktop version are compatible with the Web Report Designer.

When and in which List & Label editions will the Web Report Designer be available?

The Web Report Designer is included free of charge in the Enterprise Edition of List & Label 27.

Are there any additional costs for using the Web Report Designer?


In which frequency will further developments of the Web Report Designer be done?

For improvements to the Web Report Designer, you don’t have to wait until the next List & Label release. We plan to provide incremental releases with new features on a regular interval.

Is a Windows environment still required for the backend?

Yes, the Web Report Designer requires a Windows environment in the backend.

Is the web-based version of the Web Report Designer additive or does it replace the previous locally installed version?

The Web Report Designer can be used optionally. It is an important addition for .NET web applications in order to provide a browser-based and platform-independent Designer. The previous, currently much more extensive desktop version is not affected by this and will still be available for a few versions as a transition technology.

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