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About Us

Since 1989 combit has successfully established itself on the international software market and built up an excellent reputation in the areas of reporting, BI, CRM and contact management. Well over a hundred awards from IT industry journals and their readers, plus a host of highly satisfied customers testify to the success of combit products.

A Passionate Team for Fantastic Software


Innovative Thinkers

combit developers create state-of-the-art software to support you in reaching your corporate goals, turning frowns of frustration into smiles of satisfaction.

Resourceful Helpers

Our reliable support team goes out of its way to solve any problems you might have with our software – so that you can get back to business in no time at all.


Energetic Teamworkers

Our dedicated professionals in sales, PR, marketing, accounting and HR are committed to producing the right results every time.

combit Products

combit develops and distributes Windows standard software, including components for developers and business solutions, and provides the corresponding training, consulting and customization services. combit products are suitable for businesses large and small, across all industries, the world over.

List & Label

Since 1992, thousands of development teams and millions of end users have leveraged List & Label. There are many benefits to this comprehensive, award-winning tool – its rapid performance, its royalty-free report designer, and its suitability for projects large and small.

combit CRM

combit Relationship Manager CRM software has been providing clients with effective support since 2004. It enhances customer loyalty and acquisition processes, boosting efficiency and quality in customer-facing activities, across all departments.

Work Hard,…


We are a team of dedicated specialists and generalists, who work hard to offer you software you’ll love to use. Placing great importance on an innovative and friendly working environment, we hire and train thoughtfully to maintain our success.

… Play Hard


When you work hard, company outings and other common activities are like icing on the cake. But even when it comes to leisure, we stay true to our environmental and social commitment by supporting local and environmentally friendly businesses.

The combit Philosophy

Our Values and Principles

Providing reliable, state-of-the-art products is our utmost priority. Frequent updates add tangible value for our clients. And we continuously and rapidly correct any glitches as promised in our bug fixing policy. All our products are based on intelligent, open concepts of flexibility and connectivity. For us, satisfying our customers is not enough – we want to delight them. So we were happy to find out that 97% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with List & Label (Source: customer survey 2018).



Jochen Bartlau

Jochen Bartlau

Jochen is Head of Development for List & Label. He drives innovation, and is responsible for develop-ment, support and legal issues. Jochen joined combit in 1998, and has been a member of the Management Board since 2012.


Bjoern Eggstein

Bjoern Eggstein

Bjoern is Head of Development for combit Relationship Manager. He is responsible for sales, trademark law, and strategic alliances. He joined the team in 1991, and has been a member of the Management Board since 2001.


Brita Dannenmann

Brita Dannenmann

Brita is responsible for co­mmuni­cation, marketing and PR, financials and human resources. She joined the team in 1999 and has been a member of the Management Board since 2012.


Peter Magulski

Peter Magulski

Peter founded combit in 1988. He is joint owner, and focuses on stra­te­gic management and consulting.


Christiane Koerdel

Christiane Koerdel

Christiane has been on board since the very beginning in 1988. She is joint owner, and focuses on stra­te­gic management and consulting.




combit is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. We develop and sell our products in Konstanz (also known as Constance) – a popular vacation destination, and the largest city on Lake Constance, close to the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Konstanz is known as a hotbed of new technologies, and the surrounding region is renowned for its innovative power.

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Environmental Commitment

We started small, replacing conventional lightbulbs with energy-saving lamps, printing paper on both sides, and turning off monitors during breaks. Then we asked ourselves: what more can our office do to protect the world around us? We went on to develop additional ideas, winning first place in the Office & Environment Contest 2013 – as the “most environmentally friendly office in Germany with 20-500 employees”.


Green Electricity

In the software development industry, electricity consumption is generally pretty high. For this reason, we decided to exclusively use eco-friendly power and support renewable energy systems.


Green Data Center

Server capacity requires storage space, which requires electricity. Our website is hosted by OVH, an ecologically responsible hosterWater and air cooling mean that almost no air-conditioning systems are required.


Green Mail

We send all of our letters – tens of thousands annually – via the eco-friendly GoGreen scheme from the German postal services. For each letter, we pay compensation for the carbon emissions generated.


Green Alternatives

We offer green options for many of our products and services – enabling customers to download software instead of having a CD shipped, and providing online training via Teamviewer in place of on-site visits. More about combit training packages.



At combit, we want to give something back. In addition to making donations in response to specific events, we provide ongoing support in the form of sponsorship. This is more direct, more personal. It may be a small contribution, but we hope it will encourage others to follow suit.


Child Sponsorship

Plan International Germany

We have been sponsoring two Zambian children, Wyclif and Joyce, through Plan International Germany since 2005. After the typhoon disaster in the Philippines in late 2013, we have also decided to sponsor two Filipino children in the disaster-struck area. Plan works in 50 developing countries to promote child rights, and lift millions of children out of poverty.


Animal Sponsorship

We have been sponsoring the orangutan through WWF since 2005, protecting its natural habitat. WWF, the world’s leading independent conservation body, takes an integrated approach to the well-being of people, wildlife and the environment.

Social Day 2011

Malteser International
We didn’t want to miss the Malteser Social Day, where companies donate their labor power to local social facilities. At this special day, combit employees left their desks to paint walls in a rundown school, set up a playground in a disadvantaged area and renovate a kindergarten.


save-me Konstanz

combit supports organizations or projects with donations regularly. In the case of save-me Konstanz combit employees have donated their working hours. This was converted into a sum of money and doubled by management. The total of 12,500 euros will be used to help refugees with the organization of their everyday life in completely new surroundings.

Read more information in the press release (PDF, 233 KB)


Donation for e-mobility

Pestalozzi Children and Youth Village

The delivery service of the Pestalozzi children’s and youth village Wahlwies, “Pestalozzi brings bio”, focuses on e-mobility. From January 2020, customers within a radius of about 30 kilometers will be served by the new e-transporter. We have already supported the youth welfare institution on several occasions – now with a donation for the purchase of the transporter. The combit team is also happy to receive fresh fruit from Pestalozzi every week at the Constance weekly market.

Other Donations