Report Designer

  • Royalty-free deployment to end-users
  • Office look & feel for intuitive use
  • Pixel perfect report design
  • Available in more than ten languages

Report Designer that Integrates Into Your Application

The Report Designer is the part of List & Label your end users come into contact with. The WYSIWYG Report Designer enables you to quickly integrate powerful functionality into your application, establish a distinct competitive advantage, and provide your users with the flexibility they need to create pixel perfect reports.

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The object list determines the structure of your report. You can change the order with point-and-click simplicity.

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Dynamic Properties

You can use formulas to make any property conditional on data used to generate the report at runtime – i.e. this data determines properties such as language, position and formatting.

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Quick Testing

In the preview, you generate your reports with real data. With a single click you can check the layout or view a fully populated report within the Designer ad-hoc while you work.

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Add your own objects, functions and actions to the ribbon to give your users the right options at the right time. That makes the design process quick, easy and convenient.

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Barcodes Included

More than 50 barcode types are included free of charge, and no special barcode fonts are needed.

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Start Immediately

Available variables and fields are displayed at all times, making it simple even for beginners to create reports. You and your customers benefit from convenient drag-and-drop design capabilities.


No Additional Cost

You are free to distribute the Designer without paying additional fees. Enrich your application with cutting-edge reporting capabilities for any type of output, with minimal coding.

Report Designer With Endless Possibilities

Integrate powerful functionality into your application.


Rich Designer Objects

Add simple tables, comprehensive master-detail reports/subreports, crosstabs, charts, RTF text, barcodes, graphics, PDF objects, user defined objects and more.


Chart Types

Employ a wide variety of data visualization options to enhance your reports with professional visuals: charts, gauges, shapefiles, Rscript support for custom chart types and much more.


Data Binding

Choose between more than 30 included data providers for a variety of different data sources such as SQL, Oracle, XML, LINQ, NoSQL, CSV or Business Objects/ORM.



Select the language of your choice. In the Enterprise Edition, the Report Designer is available in more than ten languages. Unicode support and the localization of project files make your application fit for international teams and projects. Here you can find the available languages.

Functional Principle

List & Label is integrated into your application, regardless of whether it is a desktop or server/web server application. Then you define the data sources: via data binding or without database or via our data providers.

Interactive Reporting

List & Label’s preview offers a host of interactive features, making reports even more comprehensive, and offering your users richer and more intuitive functionality, where supported by your application.

Report Parameters

Enable your users to select specific values in the preview. This way, they can define which information should be displayed.

Interactive Drilldown

Your users can drill down the hierarchy from summary information to more detailed data. Drilldown is a simple method of exploring multi-dimensional data.

Expandable Regions

The expandable regions offer a drilldown function, providing users with clearly structured information. Your users will be able to “zoom in” on the details they need.


You can change the sort order simply by clicking on the corresponding column header: Only one report for several use cases.

Interactive sorting
Report Animation with List & Label


Instead of using presentation software, animate report objects in the preview window. This way, your presentations get greater impact and keep your audience engaged.


Your users design forms in the Report Designer whose elements are retained as far as possible after the PDF export. These can then be edited in the PDF later.

Interactive Forms

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