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List & Label Release 27:

New Functions for Cloud Reporting

Constance/Germany, 21 October 2021 – With the new List & Label Version 27, it is now easier for software developers to bring applications to the cloud. This is enabled by the new Web Report Designer, which allows report templates to be customized directly in the browser. In addition, the new version supports Windows Docker containers, making it easy to publish applications to platforms like Azure App Service via the Visual Studio Deployment Pipeline. Furthermore, version 27 offers connectivity to the latest Microsoft and Embarcadero technologies, and includes lots of other innovative functions.

Two eagerly awaited features for web and cloud functions are at the heart of this release with the new, fully browser-based Web Report Designer, as well as support for Docker. The Web Report Designer for ASP.NET MVC, which was already announced in June, can be flexibly integrated into all common JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue. This makes it possible for users to create their report templates directly in the browser, regardless of whether they’re working on Windows, iOS, Android or Linux. The functions of the new designer will be continuously enhanced and expanded in the versions to come.

List & Label can now be used via Docker in cloud environments that do not provide infrastructure for printer drivers and spoolers, such as Windows Azure or Amazon Web Services. Docker support also greatly simplifies deployment to the cloud. Jochen Bartlau, managing director at combit and List & Label development manager, is enthusiastic: “The issues of Web Report Designer and Docker support have been on our minds for years. We’re able to provide an all-round solution for both in version 27. Of course, we’ve also updated List & Label again as well. Development teams are now able to make use of the latest tools such as .NET 6, Visual Studio 2022 and RAD Studio 11.”

List & Label 27 also offers support for the recently released Windows 11 operating system, and the Desktop Designer has been equipped with new features too. For example, charts can be created more easily and quickly than before with the new drag & drop function. Where export is concerned, customer requests for more flexibility when naming worksheets in Excel spreadsheets have been implemented. At the same time, hyperlinks are now supported in text objects and table cells as well.

The combit Report Server has also been updated and is now based on Microsoft’s .NET 5 framework. The server-based solution for the browser can now be adapted to your own corporate identity with logo and accentuating colors. New features also simplify report generation in multiple languages and facilitate scheduled distribution via SFTP.

Complete information concerning the new version is available at:

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About List & Label
Thousands of development teams and millions of users all over the world use the award-winning List & Label reporting tool. Desktop, web, and cloud applications can be expanded to include powerful reporting capabilities with just a few lines of code. Beyond this, the reporting tool provides access to all types of data preparation and data exchange. As compared with other reporting tools, List & Label offers the highest levels of flexibility with regard to the types of data which can be evaluated, supported programming languages and the number of export and barcode formats. The designer is available in several languages and can be embedded into one’s own application without additional license fees. As a result, users are also able to create reports. Three editions of the reporting tool are offered by German software house combit. The subscription variants include feature updates as well as a support flat rate. Installation and documentation are available in German and English.

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