At the Core of Your Application

Built in at the core of your application, List & Label 28 brings new features for the web, data export, .NET and for distributing email.

Highlights in List & Label 28

Designer Objects

New design options in the Web Report Designer

Excel Export

Support for Excel formulas in worksheets


Support for .NET 7 and new data providers: Cosmos DB & MariaDB

Report Server

Subreports and project includes for creating templates

Email Distribution

Support for email distribution via Microsoft Graph

Web & Cloud

Web Report Designer with New Design Options

Designer objects: Take advantage of new objects for your report templates such as gauges, data graphics, checkboxes and PDF files.

Charts: Create pie charts intuitively with just a few clicks. Further chart types will be added successively.

Repository: Add structure and clarity to the content of your repository. Folder structures are supported automatically without the need for changes to existing implementations.

Table editor: Create and reposition cells with no effort using drag and drop. Properties can also be adapted more easily and conveniently in the new table editor.

Web Report Designer with new design options
New options for Excel export

Most requested


Excel Export Extended with Your Own Ideas

Excel formulas in worksheets: As an option, all texts in the Designer that begin with “=” can be automatically converted into an Excel formula. For example, you can set the current date in the spreadsheet using Excel formula “=TODAY()” in the report.

Headers and footers: Define the content of optional headers and footers for each page when printing from Excel with the help of new export options. This is helpful e.g. for the output of page numbers.

Column width: Well-proportioned data export – the Excel function for automatic column width adjustment is now used as a standard feature for data export.

Password protection: Use a password to protect your Excel spreadsheets from various types of manipulation such as deletion, insertion and formatting.

New options for PDF export

PDF Export

Specify whether or not commenting and filling out of form and signature fields is permitted for encrypted PDF export. Two new options make it possible.

New options for Word export

Word Export

Specify the additional document properties title, author, subject and keywords when exporting Word documents. 

New options for XHTML export

XHTML Export

Retain a clear overview even when scrolling: table headers can now be pinned so that they’re always visible at the top.


What’s New for .NET?

New data providers: Link your MariaDB or Azure Cosmos DB database to List & Label. With the new data providers, you only need a few lines of source code.

Images in data sources: Enjoy the multiple benefits offered by optimized use of byte arrays for images. Image formats supported by List & Label are automatically recognized and used on the fly – without time-consuming conversions. This results in optimized runtime, smaller preview files and enhanced support for format-specific properties such as transparency for PNG files.

Ready for .NET 7
Subreports and project includes in Report Server

Report Server

Build Faster with Subreports and Includes 

Subreports and project includes: Save time when creating new reports and easily incorporate recurring elements such as letterheads, tables and charts as subreports or includes.

New export format options:

  • Word: Specify the document properties title, author, subject and keywords
  • Excel: Password protection for spreadsheets
  • HTML: Pin headers in tables
  • PDF: Additional security options for encryption

Scheduled reports: Easily disable scheduled reports by clicking a button in the user interface.

SSL/TLS support: Upload your reports to FTP servers secured with SSL/TLS using the FTP/FTPS upload feature. Optional certificate verification can also be selected.

More Highlights

Distribute Emails via Graph-API

Send emails via the Microsoft Graph API platform as a future-proof solution for integrated email distribution via List & Label.

Email via Grapg API

Report Parameters

Enhanced performance: Empower your users to create reports with large amounts of data even faster – thanks to improved runtime for interdependent parameters. Work becomes smoother as a result.

Easy filtering: Retain clarity when selecting report parameters – even with large numbers of entries – and filter conveniently according to the desired value.

Report Parameters List & Label 28

New Barcode Type

Use List & Label to create EPC QR codes, also known as GiroCode. This standardized QR code contains all of the data required for SEPA credit transfers.


Page Breaks

Insert page breaks at any position for plain as well as formatted text objects using the new PageBreak$() designer function.

Insert page breaks

Object List

Simultaneously select several report container elements in the object list. Convenient multiple selection saves time by making it possible to change the identical properties for all selected elements at a single stroke.

Object list


Jump back to the beginning automatically when the search in the preview reaches the end of the document.

Search in Preview

Product Development

At combit, we strive for short ways and strong connections – allowing us to stay flexible and quickly react to changing market demands. Quality control is situated inhouse, and so is our technical support from the developers who built List & Label. At combit, you always talk to an expert!

The product development of List & Label in a nutshell.


Version 28

Release: 10/2022

New Version 28

New Features
  • New designer objects in Web Report Designer
  • New chart and table editor in Web Report Designer
  • Support for Excel formulas in worksheets
  • Customize header and footer content during Excel export
  • Automatic adjustment of column width during Excel export
  • Password protection for Excel worksheets
  • Additional document properties for Word export
  • Fixed header line for XHTML export
  • Additional settings for encrypted PDF export
  • Support for .NET 7
  • New data providers for Azure Cosmos DB and MariaDB
  • Optimized byte array usage for images
  • Subreports and project modules in Report Server
  • SSL/TLS support in Report Server for FTP/FTPS upload action
  • Sending emails via Graph API
  • Improved performance and easy filtering for report parameters
  • New barcode type: EPC QR code
  • New designer function PageBreak$() for page break at any position
  • Multiple selection of report container elements in the object list

Version 27

Release: 10/2021

New Version 27

New Features
  • Create report templates directly in the browser with the new Web Report Designer
  • Easy deployment in new cloud environments
  • Support for Windows Docker container
  • Support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022
  • Support for Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6
  • Create charts easily via drag & drop
  • Excel Export: support for hyperlinks in text objects, flexible naming of worksheets and hiding of grid lines
  • White labeling: adapt the UI of the Report Server to your own branding
  • Report Server ported to Microsoft's .NET 5 framework
  • Extended FireDAC VCL component
  • https support for HTML objects

Version 26

Release: 10/2020

New Version 26

New Features
  • Reusable sub reports
  • Improved drag & drop UI for the table
  • New ribbon icons in Office 2019 style
  • Combine different projects into one print
  • Multi-pass processing for pre-calculations
  • Multi-page and poster printing
  • New PDF export
  • Support for .NET 5
  • New filter option in Ad-hoc Designer
  • Vertical bar charts in Ad-hoc Designer
  • Field type „picture“ available in Ad-hoc Designer
  • Naming scheme “combit.Reporting“ for .NET namespace
  • Sorting tables by 1:1 fields
  • Report Server on new technology basis
  • Enabling individual copies and form feeds for labels
  • PDF display in the List & Label Viewer

Version 25

Release: 10/2019

PDF (2,8 MB)

New Features
  • Horizontal fill mode for columns
  • Subelements via filter conditions
  • Automatically adjusted column widths
  • Grouped line definitions
  • New image formats
  • .NET Core 3.1 support
  • GraphQL data provider
  • Support for using SQL stored procedures
  • Parameter assistant
  • Compound primary keys
  • Import and export
  • Webhook actions
  • Support for ZUGFeRD 2.1
  • Append signature when sending emails
  • Export without page breaks
  • JSON as new target format

Version 24

Release: 10/2018

PDF (3,4 MB)

New Features
  • Crosstabs via drag & drop
  • Find and replace
  • Charts from crosstabs and vice versa
  • Customized preview (.NET/VCL)
  • Embedded export formats
  • Parametrized data sources
  • HTML5 Viewer: SVG and drilldown for charts
  • Custom Web Designer objects and functions
  • Native apps for iOS and Android
  • New actions for scheduled reports
  • Requested features in the Ad-hoc Designer
  • Enhanced performance
  • Rscript for additional charts
  • Animations for XHTML export
  • Extended PDF/A support

Version 23

Release: 10/2017

 PDF (1,7 MB)

New Features
  • Report Server part of the Enterprise Edition
  • Ad-hoc Designer
  • Relational links between diverse data sources
  • Data provider for Salesforce
  • Accelerated Designer startup
  • Faster Printing
  • Virtual formula variables
  • New pie/donut chart features
  • Highlighted sections in charts
  • SVG graphics
  • Context-dependent crosstab editing enhanced
  • Renewed SVG export
  • New features in the pie chart

Version 22

Release: 10/2016

 PDF (2,5 MB)

New Features
  • Keep group/data together
  • Property favorites
  • Animation in the preview
  • New barcodes
  • Enhanced crosstabs: multiple result cells, cross references, expandable regions, auto fill, Top-N “Others”
  • More options with the virtual file system (repository)
  • WPF wrapper for preview
  • Radar chart
  • Treemap
  • New possibilities in the chart layout
  • Sorting charts by value
  • Top-N and “Others” in charts

Version 21

Release: 10/2015

 PDF (1,8 MB)

New Features
  • Conditional formatting
  • Enhanced drag & drop
  • Consolidating formula errors
  • Improved handling of default fonts
  • New color picker
  • Support for nested tables
  • Native aggregate functions
  • New and enhanced data providers
  • New Web Designer
  • Thumbnails in HTML5 viewer
  • Scripting support
  • Enhanced PDF export
  • Digital signature in PDF
  • 32/64 bit mail proxy

Version 20

Release: 10/2014

 PDF (3,7 MB)

New Features
  • Multiple report containers
  • HTML5 viewer filtering and 1:1 relations at database level
  • Filtering and 1:1 relations at database level
  • List & Label’s SQL-based data providers now use JOIN commands to support 1:1 relationships
  • LL20 now offers a 64-bit option for the OLE object
  • XHTML now supports texts rotated in 90° increments, better maintains spacing between objects and enhances the display of individual pages
  • The quality of LL barcodes has been enhanced, bringing them up to the “A” level as defined by ISO/IEC 15416 (depending on the paper and printer)
  • Users can now design their reports in List & Label and export them directly to PowerPoint
  • New export formats in preview window
  • Drill down using report parameters
  • New data providers and data provider enhancements
  • New Designer features (format painter, checkbox object, combined tool windows)
  • New Office 2013 ribbon style

Version 19

Release: 10/2013

 PDF (3,7 MB)

New Features
  • More interactive reports
  • Support of Windows 8.1
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Report parameters
  • Collection variables
  • Expandable regions, interactive sorting in the preview
  • Higher-resolution displays
  • Shapefiles e.g. for geovisualization (Enterprise Edition)
  • Donut chart, funnel chart, pipeline chart
  • .NET: OData and REST, new data providers
  • Legends with fixed widths
  • Combined charts
  • Stacked charts with minimum part of your data
  • New "flat" projection
  • Viewer supports ribbon
  • Bug Fixing promise for Enterprise Edition clients

Version 18

Release: 10/2012

 PDF (8,2 MB)

New Features
  • Highlight of version 18: Performance!
  • Windows 8 support
  • Optimized through multithreading
  • Reduced load
  • Comprehensive fine-tuning measures in every nook and cranny to increase performance
  • New: Ribbon UI in the Designer
  • Multipage preview with touch support
  • Reverse side printing
  • Premiumadress barcode of Deutsche Post can be easily created
  • Full view in report container
  • Top-N Reporting in crosstabs
  • Wizard for WinForms applications
  • NuGet Support
  • New samples: Web service sample, Web Designer sample
  • MS Word export: DOCX
  • jQuery Mobile HTML export
  • Approved for use with Amazon Web Services

Version 17

Release: 10/2011

 PDF (7,4 MB)

New Features
  • New chart types: Gantt, Area chart, Bubble chart for four dimensional reporting

  • New design schemes: charts, crosstab, etc. shine in just the right colors.

  • The Designer can be hosted in a control (.NET/VCL).

  • The PDF Object optimizes the processing of forms.

  • Data graphics: Visualize data quickly and easily.

  • Automatic table of contents and index, incl. easy-to-use wizard.

  • Provider for new data sources: JSON, CouchDb, MongoDb.

  • New browser plugins: Firefox, Chrome viewer, Opera and Safari.
    Improved Crystal Reports converter.

  • Individual Designer objects with full benefit of all properties.
    Improved XHTML export.

  • Integration in MS SharePoint.

  • Multi-level sorting: Now any number of levels are available.

  • Precalc function: An inconspicuous feature with a big impact.

  • RTF editor object with events

    Improvements added to List & Label since release of version 16 (Only for Professional and Enterprise Edition):

  • XmlDataProvider has new event PreParseXPathNavigator allowing to override the default data type parsing behavior.

  • .NET: ObjectDataProvider now also supports IDictionary<,> members and creates a column object for each key/value pair.

  • OleDbDataProvider now supports combined key fields.

  • DrillDown now also works with combined key fields.

  • DbCommandSetDataProvider now fires new event "ExecuteDbCommand" allowing to tweak the precalculated SQL.

  • Added support for static tables via DOM (.AddNewStaticTable() and class SubItemStaticTable).

  • Extended ObjectDataProvider with new event 'OnHandleEnumerableProperty' to be able to stop the recursion in specified path(s).

  • new overload to AddFromObject() method for variables/fields allowing to just pass browsable properties.

  • Support for transparent ICO/PNG (also for printer, unless it does not support per-pixel alpha).

  • LL_OPTION_SCALED_PERCENTAGEFORMATTER (198): when set to TRUE, the value is multiplied by 100


Version 16

Release: 10/2010

 PDF (7,7 MB)

New Features
  • Mini toolbars make working more intuitive

  • Improved input, selection and alignment

  • Workflow for more productive localization

  • .NET DataSource component

  • Improved documentation and .NET tutorial

  • Pivot function for crosstabs

  • Continuously variable zoom in the Designer

  • Search in preview

  • Up to date: Gauges

  • XHTML/CSS Export

  • New HTML object

  • .NET Client Profile Support

  • Intelligent Mail Barcode

    Improvements added to List & Label since release of version 15 (Only for Professional and Enterprise Edition):

  • The picture format can be selected via the Picture.Format option for the RTF export.

  • .NET: Object data provider can work with empty untyped enumerations. In label projects copies are supported.

  • Chart: Improved scaling for time differences.

  • Designer: The precise error location for syntax errors is provided in a dialog


Version 15

Release: 10/2009

 PDF (2,3 MB)

New Features
  • Drilldown reporting enables user-friendly processing of hierarchical data

  • .NET Data Binding provides faster and easier access to data sources

  • PDF Export: PDF/A Revision-secure archiving CID-keyed fonts (Unicode)

  • 64-Bit Version to fully utilize RAM with the Professional and Enterprise Edition

  • Compatible with Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 + RAD Studio 2010

  • Document output enables original/copy control

  • New Barcodes, very latest GS1

  • Calculation to any precision

    Improvements added to List & Label since release of version 14 (Only for Professional and Enterprise Edition):

  • Unicode and Java Support for the Standard Edition

  • The soft hyphen (code 0xad) is supported in text wrapping, as a replacement for LL_CHAR_PHANTOMSPACE if a hyphen should be printed in case of wrapping

  • The .NET component tries to convert all Byte[] fields using GDI+ to images

  • New support for EAN Datamatrix barcode, uses "~1" to encode FNC1

  • New designer property, to keep group footer and group header rows together

  • New flag for LlProjectOpen(), so no printer DC is created. The project is loaded faster

  • Strg+ and Strg– to zoom in and out in the designer

  • New property "export as image" for graphic objects

  • Several enhancements for DOM properties


Version 14

Release: 10/2008

PDF (5,5 MB)

New Features
  • Speed-Designing: Real data preview within the designer

  • Layout regions: Different paper formats and (multi-) tray control

  • From the wish list: Define real rwos with a single record from the data base

  • Preview: Create an index, reduction in file size for JPEG pictures

  • Automatically create code from project

  • Designer: Simplified property view mode, new filter for functions, variables and fields

    Improvements added to List & Label since release of version 13 (Only for Professional and Enterprise Edition)

  • Formulas can now be commented. That's a great feature when working with more complex expressions.

  • The DesignerAction component introduced for .NET is now also available for Delphi. More languages to follow.

  • TotalPages$() now has an optional offset parameter

  • Objects can be grouped via DOM

  • All objects can now be assigned a PDF bookmark.

  • Tables and crosstabs now each have their own filter condition

  • WPF-Viewer-Control

  • Support for DOM fuction calls while the Designer is open

  • Designer extension with custom menu items, toolbar buttons and functions

  • Improved .NET documentation, help shows directly in the IDE

  • Direct export of output format to Excel


Version 13

Release: 11/2007

PDF (1,9 MB)

New Features
  • Now as a subscription including support
  • Great enhancements to charts: Versatile and more attractive graphic evaluations
  • With the List & Label DOM model you can manage almost all the properties that can be adjusted in the Designer by using code
  • The preview displays results while printing is still running
  • Export outputs to Unicode, or to ZIP archives, as image and XPS as a new format

Version 12.0

Release: 10/2006

 PDF (2,5 MB)

New Features
  • Report container allows any sequence of tables, charts and crosstabs
  • Crosstabs open up new ranges of application
  • Digital signatures provide security
  • Saves effort localizing projects
  • Fixed barcode line width improves readability
  • Polished interface optimizes working with the Designer
  • HTML export produces results more true to the original
  • Java support creates a new area of application
  • List & Label is Vista-ready now

Version 11

Release: 07/2005

 PDF (1,3 MB)

New Features
  • Multi tables and sub reports
  • .NET component: Rewrite of data binding, new online help
  • Other programming languages: extensive samples, revised VCL data binding
  • Aggregate functions and NULL values: no sum variables necessary anymore, flexible statistical analysis of data
  • Table object: rotational header lines, deactivatable line definitions
  • Enhanced convenience for data output
  • Preview: new toolbar controls
  • Excel export revised
  • New 2D barcode: Azetec (Professional Edition)
  • More fun in the Designer

Version 10

Release: 11/2003

 PDF (1,9 MB)

New Features
  • PDF Export: Revised and enhanced
  • Preview: Enhanced and direct export
  • Send print files via SMTP, HTML-emails
  • New Barcodes
  • New Export Formats
  • Strongly extended VCL Component
  • Extended .NET Component
  • List & Label is Windows XP-ready now

Version 9.0

Release: 11/2002


Version 8.0

Release: 07/2001


Version 7.0

Release: 05/2000


Version 6.0

Release: 02/1999


Version 5.0

Release: 11/1997


Version 4.0

Release: 09/1996


Version 3.5

Release: 02/1995


Version 3.0

Release: 04/1994


Version 2.0

Release: 05/1993


Version 1.1

Release: 10/1992


Version 1.0

Release: 07/1992

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